Choose Your Own Herbal Adventure:


  1. Open tin and intake your new herb blend

    if making tea, go to step 8

    if smoking, continue to step 2

  2. Crunch up herbs (use your hands, a grinder, crunch in a bag, use mortar & pestle, whatever works best for you)

    if rolling an herbal cigarette, go to step 4

    if using in a pipe or bowl by itself, go to step 7

    if mixing with other herbs and making a spliff or using a bowl, continue to step 3

  3. Mix your herbs together with your other favorite herbs (ex. cannabis, tobacco, etc), make sure herbs are combined well. Note that the ratio depends on preference (my personal favorite is a 40/60 herb/cannabis)

    if using a pipe or bowl, go to step 6

    if rolling a spliff, continue to step 4

  4. Optional! Make a filter or crutch (you can use pre-cut perforated pieces from a kit, or use an index card, thick piece of paper, so so so many things can be used for this).  Grab a rolling paper and get ready to roll. Make sure that the gummy edge of the paper is facing you. 

    continue to step 5

  5. Sprinkle the herbs into the rolling paper (until you have your preferred amount in the paper) and start to roll. Note that the gummy edge of the paper should be above the herbs. Pick it up and rub the two edges of the same paper together above the herbs and a cylindrical shape will start to form. Put the optional filter in on one of the sides. Tuck in the paper side closest to you (not the gummy side) and roll upwards. Taut, but not tight. Then lick the one paper edge that is left standing with the gummy side, continue the roll, and finally seal.

    go to step 7

  6. Pack into a pipe or bowl (or any dry herb smoking device [ex. dry herb vaporizer, water pipe, etc])

    continue to step 7

  7. Light up and enjoy your smoke! FTW!

  8. Pour 2 tsp herbs (per cup) into a french press, tea strainer, or tea bag. Start to heat up water.

    continue to step 9

  9. Once water is heated, pour it over the herbs in the french press, teacup, tea pot, whatever vessel you are using and let steep for 5 to 10 minutes (the longer it steeps, the stronger it will be).

    continue to step 10

  10. Add honey or whatever sweetener makes you happy (especially if using Unwind since the wild lettuce can be quite bitter) and enjoy your tea! FTW!